We are experts in embedded intelligence, optimized mecanics and electronics, and radically easy to use mobile apps, making drones accessible to all.

Drone design
Reliable embedded software
Easy to use mobile apps

Autonomous flight in complex environments

Our expertise in safe navigation algorithms, inertial and visual sensors data fusion combined with easy to use mobile apps allow you to take advantage of the drone aerial view, without the hassle of piloting in an easy and safe manner.

Robustness & Safety

We ensure robustness and safety applying civil aeronautics methodology, leaving no room for system error.

Modularity &
Easy roll out

Our platform of embedded technologies, hardware and mobile app are easily shaped for your needs and interface with all your client systems and connected objects you'll want to interact with, making your deployment a no-brainer


The first self-flying camera allowing users to capture their best moments from above, hands free. Relying on data fusion and complex positioning algorithms, Hexo+ follows and films consumers with 3 simple taps on their smartphone, no piloting required. Hexo+ takes and moves automatically according to your position so that you're always in the frame!