Drone Designer

Our engineering and design office helps you from the design to the manufacturing of your UAV solution.

Technology must adapt to needs. That is all.

Beyond a UAS is a whole process of support to our customers. We will understand your needs, help you validate the value brought by the UAV, test and validate the prototypes in real environments with your teams, industrialize, manufacture, help you build the right business models and the associated services (training, installation, after-sales).

The tailor-made drones built by Squadrone System allow industries :

  • to improve their internal operational processes.
  • to offer innovative solutions to the market.

Tailor-made drones to improve business processes

UAVs can improve processes when integrated into complete solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of operational teams. They allow overcoming technical barriers by adding an aerial dimension to robotics where ground space is already optimized.

Tailor-made UAVs to offer innovative solutions on the market

UAVs enable companies to offer new services to their customers and to conquer new markets. Through data capture, transport or aerial action, UAVs offer a new field of innovation to companies for the years to come.


Squadrone System designs and produces special drones
to increase productivity and innovation.

Our design and engineering office offers companies ready-to-use solutions through various services:

  1. POC (proof of concept)
  2. Prototyping, testing and validation
  3. Certification, industrialization and manufacturing
  4. Maintenance, support and training


The company has all the skills in hardware, software and application engineering to design complete UAV solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. Its ability and willingness to deeply understand the business of its customers and industry to propose and test the best solutions makes its difference. The team goes beyond a UAV-centric response to meet the challenges of its customers on a long-term basis.

Why design a custom drone solution?


Acting on the hardware and software ensures a level of security that cannot be achieved with consumer solutions.


The solution is perfectly adapted to carry out its mission and make you gain in productivity.


Integration of the solution with existing infrastructures.

+Acceptability in the field

The co-construction of the solution with the business teams helps to promote its acceptability.

+Customization in detail

Full control of hardware, software, and autopilot.

+Your mission, your payload

Integration of your sensors and actuators.