Drone Design

Our design office optimizes each sub-system of your UAV solution

Squadrone System supports its customers from the idea to the real deployment of UAV solutions. Its support process is composed of activities after the identification of a specific use case : Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype, Certification and industrialization.

It is by combining our UAV expertise with the business expertise of our customers that we create efficient and economically viable drone solutions.

Antoine Level, CEO Squadrone System

Proof of Concept (POC)

Some managers who call upon Squadrone System’s expertise must carry the development project of the drone solution within their company. Like any innovation project, they must prove themselves as soon as possible to help their internal teams, and even their customers, to perceive the value added and get buy in. To this end, the design and engineering office team proposes to carry out POCs. This preliminary step allows to prove the feasibility, to remove the main technical risks, to federate around the project and to identify possible internal sponsors or customers ready to collaborate in future experimentations.


A crucial stage and the heart of Squadrone System’s activity, the development of prototypes allows us to find the best technical response to the identified use case. Regular tests and intermediate demonstrations allow us to improve the architecture, to guide the choice of components and their operation between them to optimize the performances of the solution.
The company is organized in agile mode to allow iterating in short cycles on both software and hardware activities. This organization and the testing and validation processes at the time of each delivery ensure a level of quality that meets the most stringent industrial and regulatory requirements. Particularly for software aspects, continuous integration processes ensure non-regression at the time of each update.

Industrialization, certification and deployment

Once the prototype has been tested and validated, Squadrone System carries out the certification and industrialization stages on behalf of its customers to enable deployment of the UAV solution on a large scale. This stage ensures a constant level of quality for the solutions that will be developed, optimizes costs and prepares for a mass production phase.
Whether for internal use, direct sales or OPEX financing models, the company assists its customers in the creation of an economically viable deployment model integrating maintenance and support aspects.

Working with Squadrone System means benefiting from the experience, know-how and agile and robust processes of a leading company in autonomous industrial UAVs, which has already delivered several thousand special UAVs in more than 30 countries at production rates up to 600 UAVs per week.


Together, let's create an intelligent, and autonomous drone that will fit perfectly into your work environment.