Squadrone System has designed for Hardis Group

the EYESEE inventory drone

Hardis Group has three core businesses: consulting, digital services and software editing. Its ambition is to accelerate the transformation of its clients' value chain, information systems and supply chain. The company has co-developed the EyeSee inventory drone with Squadrone System.

The origin of the eyesee inventory drone

Hardis Group has a strong presence in France and abroad with its warehouse management software called Reflex. They wished to bring additional added value to their customers with a drone that automatically carries out indoor inventory operations.

Stéphane Cadenet, the inventor from the Hardis Group company came to us in 2016 with an initial set of specifications.

Squadrone System was immediately interested in this project, which is totally in line with the company’s positioning on complex BtoB applications with high added value.

Development of eyesee inventory drone

Squadrone System has developed a drone solution dedicated to the use case of inventory by barcode reading in indoor environment. This solution was developed by combining Hardis Group's knowledge and experience of the logistics environment with Squadrone System's drone expertise. The technical solution for the EYESEE drone inventory is made up of hardware, software and a control interface (SDK) so that the business application (for tablet) developed by Hardis Group can pilot the drone simply and efficiently.

Behind the scenes of the EyeSee project

Squadrone System had to lift several technological locks to design a functional and robust solution. The main obstacles concerned precision indoor flying in a constrained environment with aisles less than 3 metres wide and up to 12 metres high. In this context, the drone must :

  • Fly with great stability while staying close to the pallets to be scanned with its barcode reader even at a height of more than 10 meters.
  • Locate itself with precision to allow the operator to know at all times where the drone is in the warehouse.
  • Detect and know which procedure to carry out when obstacles appear on its trajectory.

Squadrone System and Hardis Group carried out several iterations together to arrive at a final prototype that met performance expectations.

EyeSee has been patented by Hardis Group.

Squadrone System and Hardis Group have filed a joint patent for one of the technological solutions of the EyeSee drone inventory solution.