Your tailor made Drone

Our design and engineering office adapts each sub-system of your UAV to meet your needs.

Drones are critical tools. Every detail is important. We strive to adapt each UAV to its intended use, which is what makes our solutions more efficient.

Each UAV solution has to be adapted according to three parameters: its control mode, the operating environment, and its performances. Squadrone System acts on these parameters in depth..

Control mode

There are different levels of UAV automation or involvement of a pilot to operate them. Squadrone System’s UAV solutions are compatible with regulations up to autonomy level 4 with a high level of automation thanks to its internally developed autopilot, which has several thousand hours of flight time to its credit. For industrial and professional applications, the software of the automated UAVs ensures reliability and constant quality not depending on the operator.


Operating environment

The UAVs developed by Squadrone System operate in indoor and outdoor environments and are capable of carrying out missions with a high level of automation. The use case of the end users (performance level) and the environment have a strong impact on different elements of the UAV architecture.

Indoor environment

The drones must be able to locate and navigate without GPS coverage. We equip our UAVs with different sensors and technologies whose data we merge to achieve the highest level of accuracy. In Indoor environment, the challenges of obstacle detection and dust resistance are high, but tolerance to wind and humidity are not necessary. The indoor environment is not usually subject to National Airspace regulations (country dependent) because UAV systems operating indoors do not enter public airspace; other standards apply but the systematic use of a telepilot is not required, which has opened the door to more advanced levels of automation.

In an outdoor environment

UAVs are located mainly by GPS, but, depending on the constraints, it may be necessary to add additional location technologies. Our priority is to ensure safety at all times in both airspace and on the ground. Developments made for indoor environments increase the possibilities of outdoor UAVs. The resistance to weather conditions, flight plans and missions that must be carried out by external UAVs impact the UAV hardware and software to benefit from flight clearances. Redundancy and the addition of security systems and protocols vary from one application to another for an external UAV.


Carrying capacity, computational capacity, performance, autonomy, speed, responsiveness, endurance, elongation, resistance and redundancy are all characteristics that have a strong impact on the design of a UAV.

We have designed very different UAV architectures to meet specific use cases. The first factor to be defined is the flight environment, then its two to three main performances. For example:

Performance example :

Durable and precise industrial indoor UAV with the possibility of integrating average payloads, a strong computing and data capture capacity.

Very fast, very reactive outdoor drone, with medium carrying capacity and endurance.

Durable and versatile outdoor drone with a medium payload.

Exterior drone with high carrying capacity, strong resistance and redundancy.


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