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1. Information on the company Squadrone System

Legal status of the company: Squadrone System is a SAS with a capital of 213 858 €.

Head Office :
12 Rue Ampère – Hôtel d’Activité Cémoi
38000 Grenoble

RCS registration : Squadrone System is registered with the Grenoble Trade and Companies Registry under SIREN number 800 970 212.

Intracommunity VAT N°: N° FR70 800 970 212

2. Responsible for publication

Clément Roulet-Dubonnet
Tél : +33 9 67 73 34 45
Email : contact@squadrone-system.com

3. Website designer

18 Bara street
69003 Lyon
Tél : +33 4 78 54 31 26
Agence Digitale à Lyon

4. Hosting

2 Kellermann street
59100 roubaix
Tél : +33 9 72 10 10 07

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