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Inventory drone enable you to improve the operational efficiency of your logistics
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Manual inventories are nowadays long, repetitive and resource-consuming. Squadrone System develops multi-environment and multi-technology drones solutions to allow you to spend more time on your core business. Drone inventory is revolutionizing your business.


Inventory drones have many features that enable them to operate autonomously in an indoor or outdoor environment.  Warehouses, strategic nodes of logistics flows, are under pressure. Our drone inventory solutions allow you to automate the laborious inventory activities. This allows logisticians to collect data reliably in order to gain flexibility and free up their teams’ time by relieving them of repetitive tasks with low added value (counting, inventory, searching for pallets, parcels, etc.).

Inventory by drone : two major application cases

First case: warehouse inventory

Warehouse inventory is a complex activity due to the layout of these premises. The inventory of these warehouses creates different problems for our customers:

  • Risks related to working at height
  • The mobilization of human and material resources, and consequently a significant amount of time and overall cost.
  • A drop in team motivation due to the repetitive nature of the task.

In addition, incorrect or incomplete stock data causes problems with lost packages, searches, and delivery errors and therefore leads to customer dissatisfaction.

inventaire d'un terminal de livraison

Second case : the inventory of outdoor stockyards

Cars, pallets, reels, big bags are all outdoor stock keeping units (SKU) that require special attention. Knowing exactly where the stocks are is key information. However, it should not be forgotten that some SKUs may need to be modified, customized and therefore moved, which requires a high level of vigilance.  Indeed, the problems caused by errors in outside inventory are similar to problems in warehouses.

Stock location: a key element of inventory drone

With the advent of new technologies, the expectations of logisticians and companies have evolved. With products available both online and in physical stores, consumers are buying when they want, how they want and where they want. This consumer trend tends to develop strongly even in BtoB. Companies need to know where their stocks are at all times. These needs can be found in many sectors such as health (emergency services, medicine…), high added value products (high tech, industry, …) but also in the food industry. The ability to respond to customer requests is only possible if the company has an accurate and reliable inventory solution. This translates into technologies and processes capable of identifying in real time where the order is, and if the company has a sufficient quantity of products in the warehouse.

Ease of access to inventory, and therefore fine knowledge of the stock is a primary need for companies. 

parc de stockage voitures

Complementary drone inventory solutions according to your context 

Squadrone System offers drone inventory solutions for many industries, directly or with its partners: logistics experts, identification and traceability solution providers, drone operators, … You want to optimize your inventory and traceability operations? So do we. That’s why we have developed drone inventory solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

 Drone inventory solutions

Hardis Group, inventor of the EyeSee inventory drone

Squadrone System has co-developed with Hardis Group, the drone inventorist Eyesee. It was designed to automate, secure and accelerate inventory and stock control operations in warehouses. Simple to implement, this solution makes it possible to free oneself from the constraints linked to carrying out inventories: rental of gondolas, risks for mobilized operators, interruption of logistics activity, etc…

EyeSee – indoor inventory drone

Thanks to the EyeSee inventory drone, you can easily manage the inventory of your warehouse stocks, whatever their size. Save time and money by optimizing your inventory process while securing the work of your teams.

The features of the solution

  • Barcode scanners (less than one meter reading)
  • Cell data: empty or full, ID of the stored pallet, scan quantity
  • Full WMS compatibility
  • Taking pictures with each scan
  • Obstacle detector
  • Automated piloting
  • Tablet & Android application dedicated to indoor inventory

Thanks to these many features you will be able to automatically inventory your stocks, locate them and keep your WMS up to date.

DRONE RFID AIRSENSE – outdoor inventory drone

With the RFID drone inventory, easily manage the inventory of your asset fleets stored outdoors. AirSense RFID is the ideal solution for industries managing large outdoor logistics units.

inventaire par drone RFID dans un parc de stockage

The features of the solution :

  • Long distance scanning (from 2 to 7 meters depending on the configuration)
  • Full WMS compatibility
  • Obstacle detector
  • Automated and manual piloting
  • Tablet & Android application dedicated to outdoor inventory


Eliminate the risks associated with
working at height

Improvement of operational efficiency
Decrease the time required to carry out inventories, and thus reduce human and material resources
Increase the quality of WMS data
Reduce inventory errors
Increase customer satisfaction

Financial Performance
Reduce your inventory costs through a reduction in human and material resources
Manage your fixed assets more finely

Increase team motivation in the inventory process
Modernize and make your logistic activities attractive to your customers, employees and collaborators.

Here is a summary of the features of our indoor and outdoor inventory drones (functions marked with a star are under development)

Flight environment : Warehouses organized in aisles

Reading technology : Barcode – RFID* – Computer vision

Obstacle detector : Yes

Automatic flight : Yes

Stock location : Yes, cell number

Computer vision : Yes – optional

All WMS interoperability : Yes

Flying environment : Yard – outdoor storage area

Reading technology : Barcode – RFID – Computer vision

Obstacle Detector : Yes*

Automatic flight : Yes, under the supervision of a telepilot in accordance with regulations.

Stock location : Yes, GPS coordinates

Computer vision : Yes – optional

All WMS interoperability : Yes

And you, which category of drone inventory corresponds to your activity ?

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