Our team

Squadrone System team is pluri-disciplinary, and we master all aspects of an autonomous drone, ensuring 100% system reliability. From the design to mobile app to the choice of electronics components and flight controller, all our developments guarantee quality and safety you could find in civil aeronautics.

From concept to reality in 12 months.

Funded in 2014, our team launched a Kickstarter campaign for Hexo+ projet, a completely autonomous drone following and filming you in all your adventures from above, and raises more than $1.3M. Within a year, the company went from concept to reality, delivering more than 3000 units to users across the world.

Experts in autonomous systems

Making objects smarter is our thing, with 30 years cumulated of experience in critical embedded systems for civil aviation, we use the agile methodology to reach quality and continuous improvement.

Our talents

  • Embedded systems and system control theory
  • Aeronautics and critical system failure, instrumentation et flight optimization
  • Computer vision, obstacle avoidance and data fusion
  • Consumer products development
  • Mechanical design and dynamics of fluids

A global presence

Based in Grenoble, France and San Francisco, US. Squadrone System created smart solutions and distributes products in the entire world.

Got a project

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