Inspection by drone of structures and equipment

April 21, 2021 by Nora Nesser

The maintenance of large structures and equipment is a long-term mission. The objective of the standardization organisms and the operators is to ensure the integrity of the structure for the safety of all. Indeed, it is a question of ensuring the good functioning for the transit of people and goods. Their good health and operability are therefore a priority. The inspection  by drone is a good way to achieve this goal.

The objective is to verify that :

  • The condition of the structure has not deteriorated abnormally
  • The devices ensuring the safety of the users are in an acceptable state
  • There are no apparent disorders threatening safety
  • The points of attention previously identified do not worsen prematurely

The inspection of large structures such as port cranes, aircraft or large infrastructures requires precision and rigor.

Currently, several options are available :

– Inspection via scaffolding by personnel

– Inspection by harnessed personnel working at height

– Installation of communicating sensors and power supply on the infrastructure

Inspection par drone, diagnostics et surveillance des ponts et des ouvrages

What are the limitations of these options?

These options allow us to meet the need, but they have important limitations and costs.  Indeed, the cost of these inspections is high. Depending on the number of inspections performed during the year or month, the price can quickly increase.

Scaffolding requires time to be installed, which immobilizes the infrastructure or equipment and is often rented. Scaffolding is an indispensable piece of work equipment for the construction industry. They guarantee the efficiency and safety of the work during each phase of construction or repair by allowing access to facades, roofs, etc… But the work requiring the use of scaffolding remains the major risk of serious accidents in companies. The main risks are falls from heights, falling objects and scaffolding collapse.

And finally the quality and type of data collected by sensors is poor. This means that many damages may not be detected. Also, it is difficult to maintain continuity of service and inspection quality over time – for example, by ensuring that the inspection is performed in the same way and at the same critical points.

Are you tired of wasting time and money on data collection?

Drone inspection: an efficient automation process

Drone inspections are fast, accurate and can save you time while improving your results. The drone allows you to get close to structures that are difficult to access, at heights that gondolas could not reach, or the intervention of a rope access operator would require a heavy safety device. RFID sensors and drones join forces to inspect and collect data on your infrastructure.

Once the RFID tag is attached to the object, or the place you want to monitor, the drone equipped with an RFID reader, will be able to monitor your works, with a reading up to several meters away.

Inspection par drone & contrôle d'ouvrage d'art par drone: pont, barrage, monument...

The characteristics of our inspection by drone solution?

No battery, no infrastructure, and reliable data!

You will be able to monitor mechanical and temperature stresses, predict deformations, check a horizontal plane and verify the angle of inclination for example. The drone offers non-destructive testing.

Are you looking for an automation process? Contact our design office


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