How to develop an industrial drone?

April 9, 2021 by Nora Nesser

“Industrial drones are critical tools : the smallest detail is important. That’s why we create or adapt a custom-built drone for each use case. That’s what makes our solutions more efficient.”

-Antoine Level, CEO of Squadrone System

Industrial drones are equipped with increasingly complex technologies to optimize the safety of the operations they may be required to perform. Each custom-built drone solution must be adapted according to three parameters: control mode, operating environment and performance. Squadrone System acts on these parameters in depth.

The industrial drone, a new industry-leading tool 4.0

Whether in the field of the transport, security, logistics (inventory for example), industries use it to carry out many of their professional activities. It must be said that the performance of these innovative, flying solutions has evolved significantly in recent years. Their carrying capacities and the diversity of tools they can be equipped with amply justify this craze for what was considered a toy not so long ago.

“The age of industrial drones has arrived.”

-Clément Roulet-Dubonnet, VP sales & marketing

The main challenge is to design a truly autonomous industrial drone. Indeed, manufacturers want automated systems (see the replay of our webinar on indoor autonomous drones, November 2020), which have little or no need for human pilots or supervisors. The use of autonomous drones is a real advance in the world of industry, compared to “conventional” inspections. This is possible thanks to innovative features. Industrial drones allow you to generate a positive return on investment.

And you, what will be your return on investment ?

The need for an agile design process

Listening to the customer’s needs is the key to a successful drone solution, and at Squadrone System we understand that. Our design office adapts each sub-system of custom-built drones to the customer’s requirements so that they meet the needs of industry. We have to take into account the constraints related to their business expertise beforehand.

Its support process for design and development is composed of 3 categories of services after the identification of an industrial use case. First, the company carries out the Pre Project steps to qualify and derise the use cases, then a Proof of Concept (POC), one or more Prototypes, and finally the certification and industrialization.

design process industrial drone

Feel free to visit our industrial drone design page to learn more about our support process.

Does the development of an industrial drone tempt you ?

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